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You've probably seen Pong before and likely even played it once or twice. This isn't like what you'll have seen, the main limitting factor is not your reflexes, but rather the speed of the paddles. The paddles move very slowly. The goal of the game is to throw a ball at your opponent that they are simply too far to reach before they do the same to you. This makes understanding the movement of the ball more important than shaving a few miliseconds. Scoring is rather difficult at the beginning of the game, but over time the ball speeds up until it's inevitable. This also makes for a reasonable game length for players who are both good and bad at returning the ball since points are scored at around the same time.

Future Plans:

Mac support: I developed this on a linux machine and I'm still getting the hang of cross compiling.

Make futile difficulty.

This project was made using SDL. It made create windows and event polling much easier. Lazyfoo gives excellent SDL tutorials.

Install instructions

It should be straightforward. Extract the zip and double click the executable. Make sure you have downloaded the appropriate version. If there is any trouble getting it to work please contact me because someone else is probably going to have the same issue. You will need to install SDL to use the linux version.


Pong_Windows.zip 438 kB
Pong_Linux.zip 23 kB

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